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17 August 2019

Samina Baig becomes the first Pakistani to scale Mount Everest

The pride of Everest must have bowed before the will and determination of Samina Baig when she was gearing up to attempt the earth’s highest mountain. The daughter of the North stamped ‘Mission Accomplished’ scaling Everest on Sunday at 7:40 AM, here in Nepal. She became the first Pakistani lady to conquer the mighty Everest. Samina was accompanied by her brother, Mirza Ali who registered himself as the youngest Pakistani to scale Everest.  

“Today at 7:40am local time Samina Baig has successfully reached the summit of Mt Everest together with her brother Mirza and the Indian twin girls Tashi and Nugshi!” Mirza Ali updated his blog on Sunday.

The brother and sister have engaged several dangerous mountains for the last 4 years. Against all the odds in a largely male dominant society, Samina and her brother have pushed all the limits for what they call “mission for gender equality and eco-realization’’.

The Everest Expedition was started on April 1st and is reported to be privately sponsored by Mirza and Samina’s Kiwi friends through Seven Summit, a Nepali tour operator. The people of Gilgit Baltistan have extended their congratulations to Samina and Mirza on the latest mountaineering accolade.

In a special message from London, MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain has congratulated Samina Baig for her courageous achievement.

 "Samina Baig has made the nation proud by scaling the highest mountain of the world. I salute to the courage of the lady. Hopefully, Samina will be followed as role model by women of Pakistan. Her achievement will ignite zeal in women folk of the country”, Altaf Hussain said.

The love for Everest demands life. It always reciprocates human feelings with dangers. Gender equality, women empowerment and love for ecology were so dear to Samina that she did not stop until she had to— to pitch the victory flag on the top of the Everest.  

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Mirza Ali © facebook.com