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18 February 2020

Property searching made easier – Revolutionizing Pakistan’s real estate sector

Azka Naeem
Azka Naeem is the Digital Marketing Associate at Zameen.com - Pakistan Famous Real Estate Portal


We have all come across the odd disgruntled real estate agent who is trying to strike a deal or the harassed-looking property owner who needs to find someone to sell her property to, and that too at a reasonable rate. We may have previously seen agents going door to door in high-potential areas in order to strike a deal, only to walk away disappointed when they realize that no one is interested in the property they are selling or no one is interested in giving them their listing.

Similarly, we have seen property owners struggling to find reasonable rates or having to settle for below-average rates because they need a quick sale. There are innumerable situations which previously made the real estate market an inconvenient and low-yield prospect. The main reasons for this inconvenience and low yield included the fact that there was a lack of information and a lack of access to resources.

For example, a tenant wanted to rent a home within a specified budget, yet they were not sure where to look to find one that suited their family and their situation. Similarly, a property owner wanted to rent out their property, but was unsure of where to go to find an appropriate tenant. The result? A deadlock which often resulted in compromise as the tenant who was looking for a potential rental property would settle for something more expensive or less convenient, while the landlord who had a property to rent out would either rent it out at a cheaper rate or keep it vacant for several months. This resulted in a lose-lose situation just because two parties were unable to come across each other at the right time.

The real estate market of Pakistan may have had potential to thrive and prosper several decades ago but because of lack of convenience, access, and information, nobody knew how to find investors, clients or tenants when needed, and people usually viewed the whole system as a major hassle.

The good news? Technology has now made all of your lives substantially easier and all sorts of information is available to you at the click of a button. However, that’s not the end solution, as each industry must have a convenient platform to connect people and provide information.

While the door-to-door times have passed, with the advent of technology and its rapid growth, the website-to-website times have also passed. Now people want everything they need to know and everything they want to learn in one place and on one platform. Zameen.com has made this significantly easier for the real estate industry of Pakistan. The online platform has revolutionised the real estate market, providing an unimaginable amount of convenience to agents, potential property buyers, potential property sellers, and potential tenants alike.

The online platform provides you with online listings of properties available for buying and renting and also lets you list your property if you are looking to sell it or rent it out, and it also provides you with a list of agents who can cater to your needs more appropriately. At Zameen.com, real estate stakeholders have access to all the necessary information regarding market trends, prices, and recent and future happenings in the real estate sector. With an active discussion forum where users can post their questions or comments, healthy debate and expert advice are available 24/7, which helps users interact with key players in the real estate sector. Lack of information and access have not been a problem since Zameen.com came into being.

No wonder the real estate sector of Pakistan is thriving and prospering, since it has become hassle-free, convenient, easy, and consequently offers high yields. That’s what we call a revolution.