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22 February 2020

Chitrali Delegation calls on KPK Governor

Chitrali delegation meets KPK governor

Chitral-- A delegation of Chitralis called on governor Khyber Pahtunkhwa(KPK), Engineer Shaukatullah Khan, at KPK House, Islamabad. The delegation discussed various issues with the governor that the people of Chitral face. They appealed the governor to expedite Broghul- Torkhho road construction. The delegation also requested the governor to get authorities worked on the maintenance of roads in Kalash Valleys including Bumborate, Rumbor and Biriir. Since the flash-flood damage in summer, the roads are closed for heavy traffic.

A very important issue of smoke in the lowari tunnel was raised. At the moment, both light and heavy traffic is allowed to enter into the tunnel at the same time. Big trucks emit thick smoke and fill the tunnel with. Passengers inevitably get exposed to the otherwise avoidable pollution. The delegation suggested the governor to advise authorities to schedule traffic accordingly.

Since the Lowari tunnel, in winter, becomes a pain in the neck, the delegation requested the governor to open it atleast 3 days a week. Chitralis also demanded a full-fledge University in Chitral in order to alleviate the suffering of the Chitrali students.

Several other issues came under discussion. In the delegation were former PPP Leader and  provincial Minister Saleem Khan, Suleman  Shah, Sardar Hussain, Javed Akhtar of Drosh, and Arshad Shaheen of Dir. The governor assured the Chitrali delegation his full support. He vowed to resolve their problems after discussion with the prime minister and the federal government

G.H.Farooqui has contributed this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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