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21 February 2020

20,000 People in Reshan deprived of electricity for the last one year.

Reshan Hydro-Electric power house was damaged last year by flash floods in Chitral. Despite claims of billion rupees spending on power and energy development projects in the country, the federal government as well as the government of KPK has failed to pay attention to the reconstruction of the Reshan power house which supplied electricity to more than 20,000 houses in the area.

Reshan people are living their lives in the dark, since the destruction of the power house by the floods. The local people demanded of the government to reconstruct the power house in order to supply electricity. The power cut-off has affected lives including children education.

Rain waters had accumulated debris in the nearby gully and authorities did not pay any attention to clear it up. Later, flood water diverted its direction toward the power house and it got washed out. 

G.H. Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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