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18 September 2019

Men beheaded in Chitral: Family members protest and demand speedy justice

Family members of two men at Kotai Arando area, who were beheaded with sheer brutality, protested at Drosh. They were demanding that the case should be hand over to the Military Courts for rapid justice. 

Relatives of the slain men explained to the angry protesters that the two men stayed at the killers place due to some transportation issues. They did not have any enmity with anyone and had never been involved in any land disputes. But for unknown reasons, the killers had taken their lives, cut their limbs and their torsos were tossed into Chitral river. Military personnel in Chitral recovered their torsos, heads and limbs, in three separate bags.

Mothers and spouses of the slain men spoke to media explaining their miserable economic conditions and helplessness.  They were sobbing and urging the government to bring the criminals to justice and give them exemplary punishment.  The family members demanded that the case should be handled under terrorism act, in military courts. 

Dilaram Khan and Zakirullah, relatives of the beheaded men,  claimed that Arando Police lodged FIR under 302 PPC but they not added any terrorism section despite the crime was committed on obvious patterns of terrorists. They appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court to take suo moto action in this terrifying case of brutality.They also appeal to lodge the FIR  with terrorism sections under ATA and hand over the case to the military courts.

The crime is first of its nature in Chitral where people were killed with such inhuman manner. 

This scribe contacted Arando Police station and was informed that the law enforcement agencies have arrested 7 accused persons who have confessed of their crime and attributed their act to land dispute.  The relatives of the slain  men deny any land disputes. 

Gull Hamad Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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