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28 February 2020

Manual Development of Teacher Training for Khowar Curriculum completes

The manuals for training teachers in Khowar Language at both primary and secondary levels have been completed under the responsibility and supervision of Directorate of Curriculum & Teacher Training (DCTE) KPK Abbottabad. The final workshop to this effect was conducted at DCTE Hall Abbottabad, from 12 to 17 May, 2015, where the committee for Khowar language finalised developing and reviewing both primary and secondary level training manuals. The committee comprised: Ms. Lubna Tabassum SS DCTE, Coordinator of the workshop; Muhammad Arif, Senior SS DCTE; Muhammad Athar Senior SS DCTE; Muhammad Yousaf Shahzad; Muhammad Naqeeb Ullah Razi; Saleh Wali Azad; Farid Ahmad Raza; Zahoor ul Haq Danish; Akbar Ali Atif; Ms Shukria; and Ms Ambrina Jabeen.

It is to be noted that the Teacher Training Manuals have been developed in the light of Khowar Curriculum, completed back in 2013. Two more steps will closely be following, till Khowar gets included in schools as a compulsory subject from Grade-1 to 12, namely Pilot Testing of the Training Manuals; and Development of Textbooks by KPK Textbook Board, within six months after the availability of the approved Curriculum and Training Manuals.

Farid Ahmad Raza,chitral has contributed to this story.
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Farid Ahmad Raza,chitral