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18 September 2019

BLSO organized one day workshop on Pasture and Rangeland Management in Booni Chitral

Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) Booni organized one day workshop on Pasture and rangeland management for the local people of village Parwak under the under the Project “Conserving Wildlife Habitat through Strengthening of Community Based Natural Resource Management” funded by Small Grant Ambassador Fund Program (SGAFP), USAID.

 Mr. Akhtar, Project Manager USAID funded BLSO Project said that the project  Conserving Wildlife Habitat through Strengthening of Community Based Natural Resource Management is a unique type of project that aims to conserve natural resources focusing on wildlife habitat in the most significant ecological zones of the area. Promotion of Non-timber forest products, briquette, rangeland management and livestock management are the major component of this SGAFP-USAID funded project.

The Resource Person Informed participants of the workshop that 62% of the area of chitral is covered with Rangeland with sparse vegetation and the conservation of the landscape is challenging task due to some factors and the active participation is needed to manage these pastures for ecological and economically benefits of the area. Low rains, heavy pressures for fuel and fodders, un control grazing, soil erosion, lack of people participations are the key issues facing the rangelands in the area he further added. 

The local people of the area already practicing “saq” indigenous pasture management techniques to control the area from grazing and fuel wood collection from the last many years, However, due to lack of proper knowledge on scientific management of pastures and rangelands management the results are not encouraging.  

Participants said the pasture management not only for the livestock and fuelwood but also provide additional income from the collection of different non-timber forest products from the area besides saving them from flood and soil erosion.

 Under the Project pasture management committee was formed and TOR was developed and shared with the local people, the committee was updated about the role and responsibilities for rangelands and pasture management in the area. The workshop was attended by local people, women, local government Reprentatives and forest and wildlife staffs of the area.

At the end the BLSO management thanked the participants for their participation in workshop.

Kashif Shahzad has contributed this story from Chitral, Pakistan.
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