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27 February 2020

'GB Provincial Package a devise to deceive' Imran Khan

‘If Mehdi Shah has powers, why does he attend Islamabad everyday’ Imran Khan

Skardu— On his two-day visit to the region, Imran Khan arrived Skardu on Saturday. He was received by PTI party leaders and workers at the airport.

Senior party leaders including Jahangir Tareen accompanied him.  Talking to the media at the airport, Khan said that the government has failed to secure the lives of the people and the situation is fast running out of control.  He blamed the security agencies that they were not functioning the way they should function.

Responding to a media question, Khan said that the Chief Minister of the region is a dummy creature, as all powers are vested with the ministers sitting in Islamabad. He termed the GB Provincial package a devise to befool the masses here.

 “If the Chief Minister has any powers, why should he attend Islamabad everyday on petty matters?” Khan threw back a question.

He promised efforts to give a representation in the Parliament of Pakistan to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Later Imran Khan and Jhangir Tareen moved to Khaplu and visited the historical Khaplu Fort. They also met with party workers and discussed party issues.

“Khaplu is incredible with over 100000 people. No theft or murder in their entire history.Never lock their doors. Wonderful ppl.” Imran Khan tweeted. 

Asim Iqbal has contributed to this story from Skardu
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