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23 August 2019

‘Mehdi Shah is running low of manners. He would be in jail in three years’ Mirza Hussain

Gilgit— “The statement of Mehdi shah in the local newspapers was too low to expect from anyone with manners. I cannot match up any such statement; however, I would like to say that Mehdi shah has gone to the lowest of his character. He is talking about enslaving people like me while he has bypassed the ruling of Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly in order to secure his son’s job.” Said by Mirza Hussain, president of Pakistan Muslim League (GB)

He was responding to a statement in local media where Mehdi Shah had boasted his power saying that he could keep dozens of slaves like Mirza Hussain. The statement of Mehdi Shah, generally, was taken as a reckless personal attack on Mirza Hussain, a respected resident of the region.

Mirza  Hussain alleged the Chief Minister that he is hell bent on selling the resources of Gilgit-Baltistan to foreigners, like Mohsin (formerly Wang Zunyu), for few handsome personal gifts. He further blamed that the region has sunk into the waves of corruption, nepotism and burgle, all at the behest of Mehdi Shah. "One could see him ending up in Adiala or Sohnikote Jail in three years, if he continues driving on this track." He said.


Mirza Hussain warned of issuing a White-Paper about Shah’s back-stage doings. “Then, he would have no place to hide.” He said.

Mirza Hussain advised Shah to come out of his illiterate narrow mindset and stop smearing others dignity.

It is pertinent to recall that Mehdi Shah has been excessively giving irresponsible remarks about local bureaucracy, media persons, teachers and his own fellow politicians. Although, media has showcased such remarks in prime locations (to spice up stories), the general public norms of the region hardly respect such rude and uneducated remarks.