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26 February 2020

‘No truth in Allegations of Deforestation’ FJMC Chitral

‘No truth in Allegations of Deforestation’ FJMC Chitral

CHITRAL— Members of Joint Forest Management Committee (FJMC) and the people who are legally entitled to the forest royalty, arranged a joint press conference in Chitral where they condemn an earlier press conference in which some local politicians and leaders had expressed their concerns about deforestation in the region.

Members of Muslim and Kalash community lamented the leaders and labelled their press conference an ‘ill-intended’ effort to punch the peace in Chitral. They lamented the former MNA, Movlana Abdul Akber Chitrali who, along with others, alleged local people that they are cutting forest trees illegally.

“People of Rumbore are the legal royalty holders of these forests as it has been decided by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There is no such deforestation and only windfall and rainfall trunks are being offered for auction and 60% share of the proceeds is given to the original royalty holders.”

They said that those who arranged a press conference are in a heinous struggle to deprive people of their legal and genuine rights. Addressing the press conference, Abdul Majid Qureishi, Qazi Saeed, Haji Shafa, Haji Inzar Gul and Sher Muhammad said that the region is squarely exposed to terrorism and other acute problems and it is such a pity that these so-called leaders are engaging the people in unnecessary trivia.

They urged the district administration to take action against these individuals and to ensure that people continue entertaining their legal and genuine rights.

 “If these people have any problem they should refer to courts instead of running smear campaigns in the media.” They said.

 A large number of pople from the forest area was also presented during the press conference. 

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral
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