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22 March 2019

Road Accident in Chitral killed 10 people

In a fatal road accident in Chitral as many as 8 people died and 6 injured.  A jeep was on its way to Chitral from the remote region of Yarkhun when it plunged into a ravine. Initial reports claimed that the steering of the vehicle failed and the driver lost control. Those who died were identified as Akbar Ali, Faizul Amin, Zafaruddin, Babu Khan, Bais Khan, Faiz Gul, Zaman and Khan Gul. The injured passengers were shifted to hospital.

A pick-up carrying dead body from the same accident was moving towards Mohmand Agency, out of Chitral, when it slid off the read and plunged into a ravine at Qolandai near Lowari tunnel. As a result one person died and six were seriously injured.  The injured were rushed to DHQ Dir. En route, Driver Said Rehman succumbed to injuries.  The other five are under treatment as of now.  

People of Chitral are concerned about the growing numbers or road accidents. The latest accident was third in a week.  People here demand authorities to investigate accidents and document causes.  Public also demand the government to toughen traffic rules, to egislate driving laws and overhauls accident susceptible roads.  

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan