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18 February 2020

1000 patients examined in Free Medical Camp at Varijun.

CHITRAL: Some one thousands patients were examined  during a one-day free Medical Camp at Varijun (Tehsil Mulkoh), a region deprived of any medical facility and doctors. The free Medical camp was held at a newly constructed Rural Health Center, an establishment without any medical staff since its inception. 

 The medical camp was organized by the Executive District Health Officer (EDHO), Dr. Sher Qayum and he was accompanied by dozens of volunteer paramedical staff from District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) Chitral.Personnel from Chitral Scouts also stood by the health department to undertake the day long health care activity. Rahman Aman, Dr. Faizul Mulk Eye Specialist, Dr. Saad Maluk ENT Specialists,  Dr Qasim Dental surgeon, Dr. Muhammad Zahid Medical Specialist, Dr. Farman, Lady Doctor Hafiza Saima, LHV Farida, LHV Haseena, Female Medical Technician Yasmin, Tahira, Fazal Muhammad, Muhammad Rafi, Sher Afzal and Noro rendered their services at the camp. Talking to this scribe a female patient, Shagufta Naz stated, " we were optimistic about the establishment of the new RHC building, nevertheless it appears the building continues to stand up without any staff and it has not been handed over to the health department yet. The old Basic Health Unit (BHU) has been taken over by the Peoples Primary Health Initiative (PPHI) that too, does not have any doctor. Thats how people are suffering here". The female patients here have to go through extra hardship in times of emergency. They have to travel three-hour long journey to Booni or Chitral during their delivery times. En rout, most of them die due to the poor transportation and the bumpy rough roads.. The one day health care initiative was benefited by a large number of visitors. They were given some free of charge medicine on the spot and it was highly appreciated. The community demanded from the high ups to hand over the RHC building to health department and it was endorsed by the notables of the village. They also demanded to make up the deficiency of the staff by filling the vacant posts in the newly constructed health center. Senior Reporter, G.H.Farooqui from Chitral has contributed to this story. He can be reached at his phone No. 03025989602, 0943-302295, 414418.