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22 July 2018

Extreme weather conditions, 9 killed by avalanches in Chitral and Yasin

9 people killed by Avalanches in Chitral and Yasin Valley

Chitral— 4 female and a child died hit avalanche at Khot Wah area of Garamchishma. According to District Police Officer Chitral a powerful avalanche has hit the house of Sardar at Khotwah village of Garamchishma.  The Avalanche struck the valley during the dead night while people were sleeping.
Those who died were identified as Rashida Bibi, wife of Mr.Sardar of 28-year old,Sufaida Bibi daughter of Sardar  who was 16, Zareen Bibi daughter of Sardar 9, Shahida Bib daughter of Rahim 18 and Nibah Bibi daughter of Sardar of 3-year old.
Local volunteers, Chitral scouts and Chitral police have reached on the spot and started rescue activities. They recovered 4 dead bodies and dead body of a child Nibah bib was still missing as of this report. 
Besides, the main road of Garamchishma, Mastuj and upper chitral are close due to snowfall land sliding and avalanches.
Recently extreme weather has engulfed the northern part of Pakistan. Earlier the Dardistan Times reported that 4 people of one family were hit by an Avalanche in Qorqolty valley of Yasin in the Ghizar District.

“The Avalanche was triggered by the heavy rain and it originated from the mountains of Matoi along Dadang Chhar. It has destroyed properties along the way and has crossed the Qorqolti River.

Tika Khan Family and several other families live Shhong Yatey and the area is hit by Avalanche almost every year. This year the residents were not lucky enough to get away the calamity” DT report said.
Several avalanches have hit several parts of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral area and the weather continues getting worsen.

Gull Hammad Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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