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10 January 2017

Advocate Taqdir Ali Khan

Taqdir Ali Khan is a senior corporate legal consultant and advisor with decades of working experience in critical legal matters. He advises clients on a broad range of transactions nation wide. Well acclaimed firms and business groups in Pakistan have taken the pride to be the clients of Mr. Khan. DAWN Media Group, Haroon Group of Companies, Information System Associates, and Abacus Distribution System Pakistan are few to mention.

He is affiliated with DAWN Group of Newspapers as a Chief Legal advisor to oversee all legal related matters including litigation by or against the DAWN Group, co-ordination with external legal counsels, follow-up and monitoring lawsuits, in-house expert opinion etc., for almost two decades.

Besides, he is a practicing senior lawyer of Sindh High Court with a grip over matters such as recovery, labour service cases, criminal practices, rent disputes, family law suits and trade mark, copy right and registry matters etc.

He owns a law firm namely Taqdir Law Associates that helps out all those who seek legal advice and expert opinion.

Taqdir Ali Khan is member of Karachi Bar Association and Advocate of Sindh High Court. He holds two Master Degrees in Law and Political Science. 

Volunteer Work and Social Services are his passion. He is currently member of Aga Khan National Arbitration and Reconciliation Board for Pakistan. He belongs to Yasin, Thui and lives in Prime Garden, Karachi with his family.

Mr. Taqdir Ali Khan is a legal mentor of the Dardistan Times who oversees the legal matters related to this publication.

He can be reached at his email : taqdirlawassociates@gmail.com