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26 February 2020

Book Launch: autobiography of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman published

Oxford University Press launched the autobiography of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman Wednesday here at Islamabad. Several local and foreign dignitaries, academia and media persons attended the book launching ceremony.

Panellists included Gowher Rizvi, Professor and Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on International Affairs, Suhrab Hossein the Higher Commissioner of Bangladesh to Pakistan, I.A Rehman, Director HRCP, Hamid Mir, Executive Editor, Geo News and Amina Saiyid, Managing Director  of the Oxford University Press. They shared their thoughts on the memoirs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, titled as The Unfinished Memoirs.

Amina Saiyid told that the book was a partial autobiography of Sheikh Mujibur  Rahman which he wrote during the time when he was a state prisoner. The daughters of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman recovered four of the six notebooks that he maintained, enabling the compilation of the autobiography. The importance of the book lies in the fact that it is written in Majib’s own words. The preface of the book has been written by Sheikh Hasina Wajid, Amina said.

Hamid Mir of Geo News said that The Unfinished Memoirs is an important addition to the historic recourses of the country. It may help refine the twisted historic details in the country which brand leaders and activists as traitors.

 “It is pathetic to see that our students are unaware of the facts of history due to their limited knowledge, as most of the students do not know that Mujibur Rahman was an important figure in the struggle for Pakistan.” Hamid Mir said. After elaborating certain hidden facts he said that Mujibur Rahman was not a traitor hence there should be an official apology sent to the Bengalis, for whatever they had to pass through.

Commenting on the book, I. A Rehman said that the memoir of Mujibur Rehman is a multidimensional work which does not contain any bitterness or hatred towards the people of the West wing. He said that The Unfinished Memoirs is a narrative of the struggle of an activist who followed Hussein Suharwardi and later became the founder of Bangladesh.

“It is not the time to lament the happenings of the past. It is, rather a time, to recognize the disenchantment of Bengalis. Also, it is a worthy move to describe the differences of politics in both the wings.” he added.

Higher Commissioner of Bangladesh for Pakistan Suhrab Hossein appreciated the efforts of Oxford University Press for publishing the memoirs of the great leader of Bengalis. He recommended the Memoirs as a must-read book for the students of history and politics.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Gowher Rizvi, thanked Oxford University Press for the publication and the guests for showing interest in the book launching ceremony. He said that he had an honour to see Mujibur Rahman [a.k.a. Bangabandhu] and to work with him. He said that Bangabandhu was a well-known orator loved by the people. He grew up in rural environment and closely witnessed the rural sufferings. Dr. Rizvi said that the affiliation of Bangabandhu with the All India Muslim League was not only due to the Muslim brotherhood rather he was against any tyranny and oppression.

“He fought against all those who created an economic imbalance and exploited the unique culture.” Rizvi added. He summed up his talk with a message that there is a need of reflection on leaders who dedicated their life for regional and transnational harmony.

The formal book launching ceremony concluded with refreshment.

Naveed Hussain has contributed to this story from Islamabad Pakistan.
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