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18 July 2019

Chitral remembers Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto but dismayed over the present PPP leadership

 Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto

Chitral— The 33rd death anniversary of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was observed in Ataleeq Hall Chitral that was chaired by Haji Muhammad Siddiq, a veteran politician and close colleague of  Bhutto. Addressing on the occasion former senior vice president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Zahir Shah hailed the services and contribution of Z.A Bhutto for Chitrali nation.

He said that Bhutto even carried food and fodder for cattle of Chitral, in a C 130 plane. He almost fulfilled all of his promises announced during his visit to Chitral on 18th December 1972.

Mr. Zahir said that it was Bhutto who promoted Pakistan’s Nuclear Plan that was materialized by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Due to his vision Pakistan’s defence has become strategically less vulnerable.

While the PPP workers and leaders admired Zulfiqar Ali’s services, they expressed their dismay over the present leadership of the party that, according to them, has let down the nation.

The speakers at the occasion pinpointed nepotism and favouritism by the provincial minister, Saleem Khan who, they said, is a man of opportunity.  They passed a resolution that recognized Bhuto’s services and promised efforts to introduce reforms within party that may ease corruption.  The party workers said that they will convince Mr. Saleem Khan to end his corruption and work for public interest.

Those who spoke on the occasion were Subadar Haji Muhammad, Haji Siddiq, Haji Babo Jan, Usmanullah, Haji Karam Elahi and others. 

G.H. Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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