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18 August 2018

Chitralies refuse to pay, burn the utility bills

Chitral, July 5, In a protest against the prolonged, unscheduled and deliberate Load Shedding in Ataleeq Square, hundreds of angry Chitralies publicly burnt utility bills in a denial to pay any penny unless the awful load shedding is end. 

They were chanting slogans against the local administration and the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PEPCO) for their failure to supply electricity to the areas. The protesters warned of blocking the Shandur Road for VIPs during the oncoming Festival, in case the power is not restored promptly.
The speakers at the occasion numerated several energy projects running in Chitral and wondered where the energy was being consumed. 
Non-governmental agencies, a private company, Sarhad Hydro Development Organization (SHYDO), a local power house and National Grid Station supply 8MW, 1MW, 6MW, 1MW and 33 KV, respectively but the lengthy, unscheduled load shedding last for 24 to 72 hours: They lamented.

The protesters questioned the government’s ability to provide basic public necessities, especially electricity given the fact that several power generating projects have been erected. 
Burning the utility bills in protests has atleast relieved the flags and effigies that mostly remain victims of agitations in this part of the world
Khan Hayattullah Khan, a local social worker was leading the really. Wing Commander, Fardad Ali Shah also spoke on the occasion.
G.H.Farooqui, has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan


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