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18 February 2020

Cultural Show and Peace Dialogue organized by CHETA in Ulchusht, Chitral

In order to mitigate suffering of flood affected people of Uchusht Chitral a cultural show and peace dialogue held at village Uchusht Chitral.

 After the last year torrential rain and devastating flood the entire Population of Uchusht was passing through traumatic conditions and  there was a dire need for a peace dialogue and an entertainment activity to end the panic and pave the way to rehabilitate the people.This was put together here in ULchust. Chitral Health and Environmental Triad Association (CHETA) organized a peace dialogue and cultural Show at village Uchusht of Chitral. 

The event was funded by Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) ,Peshawar and was facilitated by Chitral Development Network (CDN).  Well acclaimed musicians of Chitral entertained the participants with different folk songs, dance and musical performances. Miftahuddin was the chief guest of the occasion. Dr. Shujauddin, Dr. Yehya,  Professor Muhammad Dost,President CHEETA, Social worker Fazlu Rahman Shahid and Ansar Illahi and others members participated in the program. The event was attended by a large number of people of the area.  “It’s a very positive event to ease the stress of the people who have gone through very difficult times due to the natural calamity in the area. It is equally essential to promote peace in the region” Said the Assistant Coordination Office (ACO), Mr. Miftahuddin. Professor Muhammad Dost President of CHEETA briefed the participants about what their organization does and what are its future plans. He admired the efforts in the region to push the cultural activities and promote the Chitrali heritage. Participants appreciated the efforts to normalize the flood affected people and proposed more of such events in the future. G.H Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan