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23 February 2020

Furniture factories caught on fire in Chitral

Chitral (DT) Two Furniture factories along with 8 adjacent stores turned into wreckage by fire. A Car and a motorcycle were also gutted. The incident happened in Drosh Furniture market of Drosh valley in Chitral.

 According to the Police Information, the market caught on fire on Saturday midnight and destroyed some 10 million rupees worth of property that included machinery, a car, a motor cycle, furniture factories and several other adjoining retail stores. The factories belonged to Mr. Nawaz, Usman Khan, Ziauddin respectively and the owners of the retail stores are confirmed to be Mr. Sher Gori, Noorzada, Hashmat Ali, Rahmat Jalil, Ziauddin, Usman, Muhammad Nawaz,and Sher Bahadur.  The fire extinguishers crew responded late as usual. To the immediate emergency calls, they did not respond and then arrived on the spot pretty late.

 “Two of my shops were destroyed completely and my furniture factory too. We contacted the Fire Brigade; they did not attend our calls. Event, when they reached later here, there was not enough water in the tankers to extinguish the fire. That is how everything went into ashes.” Muhammad Nawaz told us. The Wing Commander of Chitral Scouts, Lt. Col. Salman Butt rushed to the area with his corps and participated in the rescue operation and helped control the fire. The Drosh community and notables of the valley appreciated his swift response. Chitral is one of the least economically sound regions. People make their living with these small retail stores. The affected people would definitely be in need of help to recollect themselves.  The reasons of the fire could not be ascertained immediately, nevertheless, the Drosh Police has started to investigate the incident. The social and political circles in Chitral have demanded the federal and provincial governments to compensate for the loss of the property in the incident. Contributed by G. H.Farooqui, from Chitral, Pakistan


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