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22 April 2018

Long March Review Meeting in Yasin. Qazi Nisar and Agha Rahat make a telephonic participation

Ghizar Long March, Qazi Nisar and Agha Rahat offer full support

Yasin, Ghizar— More than 150 local notables from varied backgrounds— political, social and religious— convened a review meeting about the fast approaching deadline that was given to government at Gahkuch. The deadline ends on 25th of February and the government still has some time to resolve the wheat-subsidy puzzle.

Aga Rahat and Qazi Nisar, two leading religious leaders of Gilgit-Baltistan made a telephonic participation in the meeting and committed to give an extra ordinary support to the people of Yasin who will be marching towards Gilgit if the government does not honour its promise to resolve the issue within the given time-frame.

“The people of Ghizar, especially those of Yasin, have unforgettable sacrifices to secure our borders and defend our country, and we all have great admiration for that. To stand up against the reckless decisions of the government is yet another historic milestone and I announce to support you by any means in Gilgit.” Qazi Nisar said.

He said that had the procession reached Gilgit in the previous long-march, he and his Jamat would have given an unprecedented welcome at Gilgit. He said that people have a right to protest peacefully and lawfully and if the people of Ghizar decide to march towards Gilgit after the deadline he would appeal to the people of Diamer and other regions to join and compel the government to relinquish its policies which are against the public interest.

Qazi Nisar is Imam of the central mosque in Gilgit who holds sway of political opinion in religious circles representing the Sunni interpretation of Islam.

Agha Rahat Ali, Khateeb of central Imamia Mosjid(Gilgit) and chair of Tahrek-e-Millat-e- Jafferya, extended his pep-talk to the people of Yasin and admired their decision to rise against the unjust government policies.

“The wheat-subsidy issue is not aYasin or Ghizar specific issue; it does affect the two million underprivileged people of Gilgit-Baltistan. We all support you and everybody has to rise to compel the government to repeal its unwise decisions. I assure you of the support from the whole Imamia fraternity to make the march successful.” Agha Rahat said.    

Unlike the religious fraternity, politicians sitting in the government have made some mockery media statements to fuel the anger of the people. Earlier, Wazir Baig, Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan was reported displeased with the protesters and he had admonished the people not to wander for ‘free Roti’ as according to him the price of wheat in Gilgit-Baltistan is already lowest as compared to other regions of Pakistan. In an attempt to emotionally engage the people of Yasin, he claimed that the wheat-subsidy cry is a disdain of Nishan-E-Haider, a military decoration given to Lalak Jan, a resident of Yasin.

The government of Gilgit-Baltistan is expected to modify its classic rhetoric and genuinely work for the wellbeing and welfare of the people, lest the resentment here gets aggravated. 

(The Dardistan Times Report)
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