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27 May 2019

Gun Point Justice in Hunza – Shutter Down Strike and Protests in Ghizar

Gahkuch— Protests over Hunza killing continued for the 2nd day in many parts of the country including the north-western neighbouring areas of Hunza. The residents of neighbouring Ghizar district staged protests rallies in Gahkuch against the brutal killings of the innocent Sherullah Beig and his son Sher Afzal in Aliabad. A complete shutter-down strike observed in Gahkutch and protests rallies marched through the city chanting slogans against the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan. Youngsters showed their anger calling Mehdi Shah a murderer.

Nawaz Khan Naji, head of the Bilawaristan National Front (BNF), an indigenous political party, demanded to lodge an FIR against the Chief Minister for abetting the shooting. Protesters condemned the killings and demanded to stop, once and for all, terrorizing innocent citizens on government gunpoint.

Father and Son killed. Police Shooting Spree spurs widespread riots in Gilgit-Baltistan

-- Dardistan Times --

Killing compensation seekeers

--Express Tribune--


Addressing the rally Muhammad Madad Shah of Yasin Valley said that Gilgit-Baltistan, in the leadership of Mehdi Shah, has become the epicentre of lawlessness where an underprivileged hardly finds a way to survive with dignity. Muhammad Madad Shah is the head of the Liaison Committee of flood affactees of Yasin, a voluntarily body struggling to get help for the flood strident people of Yasin.  The speakers at the protest gathering termed the Hunza incident a heinous crime against humanity.

Speakers included Nawaz Khan Naji, Sultan Madad, Advocate Nazeer, Muhammad Madad Shah and many others.The protesters extended their complete solidarity with the people of Hunza-Gojal and pledge to stand by them in all tough times.