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26 February 2020

Jang Group and GEO are Indian, Israeli and Russian Agents.

Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly demands government of Pakistan to bane Geo and Jang Group alleging them to be the foreign agents who conspire against the democratic government of Pakistan. The Assembly that big time has been witnessed to get its decisions done through the KANA division surprisingly indulge itself in a leading role to overawe the powerful media of the country. 

Gilgit-Baltistan has been given fair representation in the Media, especially by GEO and Jang group in the recent years. A relatively under represented region that largely needs the support of independent media irrationally bangs itself with it.

In an assembly session the members of Pakistan Peoples Party alleged the largest media group of the country that the group is conspiring to topple the government.

Raziuddin, chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that all the reporters and anchors of Jang group are the agents of India, Israel and Russia who are gnawing the roots of the country.

The opposition party, however, suggested the government not to meddle with media in order to hide the mass corruption and bad governance in the region.

The journalists in the press gallery walked out in disagreement with what was proffered about the media in the Assembly session. 

 “We are stunt by this debate. It does not belong to us, anyway. It could be a strategy of the federal government to use extra corps here to start a war with media. Actions through untrained soldiers cost you less, you know. That’s what they want”, a local analyst said to the Dardistan Times