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18 July 2019

The last Mehtar of Chitral Passed Away

The last Mehtar of Chitral Passed Away

Chitral — His Highness Saiful Mulk Nasir passed away in Islamabad on Tuesday at the age of 61.  He was the last Mehtar of the formal princely state of Chitral. Saiful Mulk Nasir ruled Chitral from 14 October 1953 to 28 July 1969 when the state of Chitral was dissolved in 1969 by the Government of Pakistan. The Mehtar leaves behind two daughters and two sons.

Saiful Mulk Nasir was living a retired life in Islamabad after his last service as Consul General of Pakistan in Hong Kong in 1989. His body was shifted to Chitral and laid to rest at the royal graveyard near Chitral Fort.

Chitrali community across the world has expressed their grief over the bereavement. Saiful Mulk Nasir was an altruist soul with charismatic leadership traits.

Team Dardistan Times (TDT) is dismayed over the passing and expresses condolence to the heirs of the deceased. May God bless the family in this difficult time of grief!