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24 May 2019

Lawari Tunnnel and By Pass Road Remain Closed

Abdul Wali Khan By Pass road is under construction. The district administration has diverted traffic through Danin and Jughor side. There are still a large number of people who are crossing the main road on foot. Excavators are currently digging through the mountains while several of the people continue passing this risky and dangerous road.

 Social and Political circles in Chitral have demanded speedy work on this road. On the other hand, Chitrali Passengers enrout to Chitral have been instructed to stay overnight at Dir due to the closure of the Lowari Top and a halt on travel through the Lowari Tunnel after 2 p.m and before 12:00pm. The passengers now have to spend 21 hours on a relatively short travel between the two cities.

 The passengers are forced to stay at hotels, chiefly untidy, enrout Chitral. Some are compelled to sleep in the vehicles overnight despite the frigid weather. The transportation between Chitral and Peshawar mostly runs evening times and the passengers have no choice other than staying overnight at Dir. If arrangements are made to run the transportation for Chitral early in the morning most of the problems can be resolved. “The transport administration and the administration in Peshawar should direct the transporters to schedule the departures from Peshawar early in the morning so that they can pass through the tunnel in the afternoon when the tunnel is opened” Said Shafiq Ahmad Advocate and Saifuddin. G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan