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22 March 2019

Mass Marriage Ceremony In Chitral – Easy and Happy Union

Mass Marriage Ceremony - Chitral

Chitral— 19 couples wedded in a Mass Marriage Ceremony organized by Aga Khan Social Welfare Board in collaboration with the Ismaili Council of Madaghlasht, some 100 KM from central Chitral. Addressing on the occasion Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Shakila said that the purpose of the mass-marriage arrangements was to cut costs and to avoid unnecessary hardship that one might take entwining this scared and happy relationship.

Utilizing the opportunity, Mrs. Shakila advised young girls not to marry in early ages. She also stressed upon importance of the post-marital schooling and education.

President of the Ismaili Council of Madaqlasht, Sher Azim said that the objective of the Mass Marriage Ceremonies was to steer resources towards other areas of human development such as education, health and living standards.

 “It takes 3-4 days to wrap up any traditional wedding ceremony here in Chitral. It takes a lot of resources to manage and those who are less privileged hardly keep pace with those who can afford. Marriage, thus, becomes a stressful rather than a happy occasion”, He said.

During the Mass Marriage Ceremony, couples were blessed and signed into the Nikah according to the Islamic teachings and traditions. Gifts were presented to the couples and food was arranged for and wedding attendees.  To symbolize the simplicity, one course meal was served to the guests.

Talking to this scribe a Bride and Groom expressed their jubilance. “Many people wait for years to get marry, for they cannot afford their wedding costs and other customaries. We are happy to marry here and it took a lot less time and efforts to get through our happy union.” They said.

Couple accede to pay Rs. 7000 to get marry in the Mass Marriage way and that is all what they have to pay for their wedding arrangements. Last year, the same organization had arranged the Mass Marriage Ceremony where 27 couples got married. 

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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