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22 April 2018

Nawaz Khan Naji rips out pro Gilani Resolution

Nawaz Khan Naji rips out pro Gilani Resolution

Gilgit— Wednesday GB Assembly Session went chaotic when a nationalist Leader, Nawaz Khan Naji ripped out with protest on a resolution that was attempted to be passed in favour of the currently indicted Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The Law minister of GB assembly, Shakil Ahmad presented a resolution and attempted to sneak it out under the veil of ‘no further discussion’. Nawaz Khan Naji, then tore the resolution up and tossed it in the air.

 “This assembly has no business with a resolution that favours an indicted Prime Minster. Gilani has been declared criminal and he better refer to the Supreme Court of Pakistan rather than camouflaging under resolutions. We have more of a serious business here to do. This resolution for now belongs to the Trash Can.” Naji Said.

“How dare you say criminal to an elected Prime Minister? You better live within your limits and mind your language” Chief Minister, Mehdhi Shah erupted. “You actually need to live in your limits” Naji smashed back. Chief Minister appeared so mad to see Naji insulting Gilani that he kept grinding his teech. Later it was reported that Mehdi Shah's blood pressure shot up and doctors have advised him to take a good rest. 

“You sordid [Kamina] and traitor”, outraged another PPP minister, Engineer Ismail. Nawaz Khan Naji was taken on squarely by PPP ministers in the Assembly and the speaker of the Assembly twice had to call in police to arrest him.

Wazir Jaffer, another legislator, jumped into the boiling water and requested the speaker of the assembly to through out ‘the traitor’ and to impose a ban on his entrance into the assembly.  

The legislators of the assembly, however, succeeded to push the pro Gilani resolution through and they got back to discuss peace in the region.

The act of tearing a resolution by Naji has been condemned by people in the PPP camp. However, others maintain that the culture of tearing resolutions was founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto in the United Nations, the most prestigious body of the world. The then foreign minister of Pakistan tore up a resolution that suggested a cease fire in East Pakistan in 1971.

Fights and resolutions in the GB assembly are quite trendy. Last year, two legislators, Musa and Akhtar showcased a fighting saga with uncensored coarse language.

In a discussion on social media, youth of the region are quite frustrated over excessive resolutions in GB Assembly that hardly have any impact on the region’s socio-economic conditions. Some called the assembly a “Resolution Factory”. 

The speaker of the Gilgit-Baltistan assembly has imposed a two-day ban on Nawaz Khan Naji whereby he would not be able to join the ongoing assembly session.

Yousaf Raza Gilani is the first ever convicted Prime Minister of Pakistan who currently is  in bullfighting against moral appeals of disqualification, nevertheless, he holds a procedural right to appeal. 

Iraf Ali has contributed to this story from Gilgit, Pakistan
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