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18 August 2019

November 17, National Facebook Unfriend Day (NUD).

By Quwat Khan Sunny

Are those average two hundred people in your facebook friends list are really your friends? How many of those have got through the basic test of, a friend in need is a friend indeed? May be you are optimistic that they are always there to extend their hand in case you need them. Did you ever think why they tag your photo “sooooooooooo cuuuuuute” while you know that it was the terrible one?

Some people are in a hallucination that they are blessed with so many friends. In times of the painful and hectic solitude, the company of these friends is an antibiotic.

This is not true. At least Facebook engineers do not believe in that. That’s why they call it, facepile to the faces on the website. Just like we call a garbage pile to the junk in our backyard.

Doesn’t it hurt when a girl in your friends list show off her new born baby every time you log in to update your status? Of course, you cannot update your status calling her a jilt who always used to swear that you were her only baby. Even a day before she went with that stupid ugly guy she said, “Honey I love you most of all”. 

She is still sitting in your friends list and you do not remove her. I know, I know, you want to stay updated about her. When is she sleeping, when is she cooking; when is she relaxing or when is she expecting so and so on. Scrutinize your FB friends list, peripherally and critically, you will be left with only one friend in the center that is you, yourself.

Human being has a natural tendency to be popular and to be known. That is the first and foremost thought when somebody hits add as friend button at facebook. If you had a trip with a local alpine club, you want other people to know, just to make them jealous or make them feel proud of you, possibly.

A politician would add to soak you in his politics, a writer to impose his views, a businessman to sell, a company to have you like them or a policeman to track you down; they all have something to play with you. You call it friendship but they call it networking, to be politically correct.

Yesterday I read a facebook news feed of my friend, Jamal that says “Jamal and Shaista are now friends”. He is 26 year old University graduate and Shaista is his mother. I was curious why he decided to befriend with his mother after 26 years.

Similarly I ignored five times a friend request of my neighbour, next door. He was pissed off on the way I was ignoring him. I was just wondering why a person should put forward his application through a California based company (facebook) requesting my friendship. He can, instead, knock at my door, any time, and ask me about this.

Once I posted a video clip of Terry Jones announcing that he will burn, Quran in Florida. To my surprise, the people who like it most were Muslims. Similarly, if you have facebook status saying, “I am seriously injured and currently in hospital”. Most of your friends would inevitably like it. Facebook is not so generous to provide you with the real life full fledge friendship emotional platform. They have only one option for you to express yourself – like it. 

Friendship is a priceless relationship in human life. Both in modern and ancient civilizations, it has been regarded as the most sacred relationship. Even the United Nations, in 1997, declared Winnie - the Pooh as the world's Ambassador of Friendship. The holy scriptures also reflect upon it as the key stone in building trust, faith and companionship. Where does one fine the sort of trust and faith in the facebook friendship is a question, that facebook user hardly gets time to ponder over.

ABC’s famous TV show host, Jimmy Kimmel has come up with an interesting idea of celebrating a national holiday namely NUD (National Unfriend Day). According to Jimmy Kimmel, friendship is a sacred nature of relationship that is being cheapened by the facebook. On this day, facebook users can cut off some of the friendship fat to save the inviolability of the real life friendship. 

I am confident a lot of people will celebrate this day on November 17. Those who will take the initiative as joke would at least revisit their perception of friendship. I wish you a very happy and confident NUD!

The writer is a freelance contributor based in Canada hailing from Yasin Valley, Ghizar, Pakistan.