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23 January 2020

Pak Army Pensioners in Chitral demand 25% Outdoor Medical Allowance

Pak Army Pensioners in Chitral demand 25% Outdoor Medical Allowance

Chitral— Pensioners of Pakistan Army through the Ex-Service Men Association held a peaceful rally at Booni, demanding the 25% Outdoor medical allowance that the government of Pakistan had announced for government pensioners.

According to details Pensioners from Navy, Police, Chitral Scouts and Border Police are already getting that special allowance but pensioners of Pakistan Army in Chitral are not entitled as— the Ex-Service Men Association believes — the government of Pakistan assumed that Pak Army pensioners would be entertained at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

However, there is no CMH in Chitral. The retired pensioners spend thousands of rupees to travel down to Peshawar or Rawalpindi in order to get treatment from CMH. Despite spending thousands of rupees on travel, boarding and lodging during their journey to CMH, they do not get proper treatment. The pensioners believe that the 25% allowance in their monthly pension might help them get local private treatment.

The rally was organized by Captain (R) Gull Muhammad and several military men addressed the rally here at Booni. They recounted their unprecedented services to the country and asked for government help in this little demand.

The Speakers at the gathering said that the request for this consideration was already communicated to the President, Prime Minister, Corps Commander, Peshawar but none of them promised any consideration. The pensioners, however, warned to engaged in mass protests if there demands are overlooked.

The rally concluded with prayers and commendations for the martyrs of Siachin Sector who recently lost their lives while defending their country.

Gull Hamad Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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G.H.Farooqui © 2010, Pakistan