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27 February 2020

Pakistani Stands Shut Down in London Defence Exibition

LONDON —According to a Press Release of Defence & Security Equipment international— an integrated and security exhibition— the stands of Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) and Pakistan’s Defence Export Promotion Organization have both been permanently closed. The official statement says that the decision was made after promotional material was found on both stands that contained references to equipment contrary to the UK Government Export Controls.  

The two Pakistani companies reportedly displayed promotional material for artillery-launched cluster munitions. A UK based not-for-profit organization claimed that one of the Pakistani companies advertised 155mm Improved Conventional Munition M483A1, an artillery shell containing 88 sub-munitions.

A Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, claimed that she found cluster bombs being promoted by the Pakistani companies and she presumably alerted the organizers.

Another company, ‘Beechwood Equipment's’, has been closed down after promotional literature about a banned equipment was found. The company will not re-open as per the official statement on the web site of DSEi.

The expulsion of the two leading defence companies from a major international exhibition has further dented the international image of the country, nevertheless, comapnies from other countires have been expelled in the past from the same exibition, in similar fashion. (DT)