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18 August 2019

Raid on Drug Dens in Chitral failed

Drugs in Chitral

A raid by paramilitary forces and Chitral police on a drug sale point aborted as the drug lord Mian Mukhtiar was tipped off by his sources in Police, a military officer told this scribe. The forces under the supervision of Commandant Chitral Scouts, Col. Nasir Khan Jadoon and District Police Officer, Abdul Rashid raided on Mian Mukhtiar Ada [Narcotics sale point] at Peer Street, in Chitral.

Major Kazmi, Deputy Quarater Master of Chitral scouts was also present on the scene. On repeated complains made by public, two points were raided — one at Goldor street and the other at Peer street. Both places, as we were told, were used by Mian Mukhtiar as Narcotics dens and Hashish was being sold to the youth of Chitral.  It turned out a major disappointment for the forces as the drug lord had shifted his merchandise to a safe lair, a military officer told.

Public here expressed their frustration over police performance in eradicating the menace of drug in Chitral. An official in the secret agency, on the condition of anonymity, told that some srouce in law-enforcement agencies-- either in Chitral Scouts or in the Police -- must have tipped off Mian Iftikhar and he was able to shift his consignment overnight to a safe place. One of the sale points happened to be at a walking-distance from the Police Station.

A notorious drug lord, Mian Mukhtiar Gul, is indulged in supplying Hashish to hundreds of youth in the whole Chitral region. He was arrested by District Administration but no substantial halt could be brought to his business-in-absence.

Nonetheless, people of Chitral hailed the efforts made by Chitral scouts. Community members in Chitral are ready to offer every bit of cooperation in fighting down the drugs and narcotics menace

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan.
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G.H.Farooqui © 2012, Chitral