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23 February 2020

Scared Zulqarnain Haider Flees to London. Spotty Pakistani Cricket continue making headlines.

So far, praised, empathised and bolstered, Zuqarnain Haider flees to London hours before the decisive match between South Africa and Pakistan in Dubai. Haider was recently heard on GEO TV with fear and tears explaining his situation at Heathrow where he was reportedly detained and investigated by immigration personnel.

“I cannot tell you about my whereabouts but I am not in a detention center” Said Zulqarnain. He is apparently in a hotel somewhere around the airport. According to Zulqarnain, he has been threatened for contributing to the victory of the last game and to play a negative role in the final match. “I will not sell my mother, as I believe, Pakistan is my mother. I do not blame any team mate or management. I did what I deemed fair. I do not know politics and I do not know what is going on”,Zuqarnain was talking to a Pakistani GEO TV.

Earlier Zulqarnain was missing from his hotel which he left without checking out. He updated his facebook status before boarding the plane to London. He wrote, “leaving pakistan cricket because get bad msg fr 1 man fr lose the match in last game.”

He feared of his family in Pakistan which is already being giving protection by the Pakistani police. Zulqarnain is the only young cricketer who has an excellent media rapport both in Pakistan and Britain.  After his mysterious flee to London, both western and eastern media is pumping stories around inquisitively.

The Daily Mail online showcased its headline as “Running scared! Pakistan cricketer Zulqarnain Haider flees to Britain in fear of betting gangs”

“Zulqarnain Haider, Pakistan's wicketkeeper, flees to London”  was the headline of the Gaurdian.

“Pakistan wicketkeeper Haider skips ODI decider with Africa, arrives in London” reported by the Canadian Press.

“Missing' Haider arrives in UK after going AWOL before Pakistan match” CNN reported.

All major foreign media reported the news extensively. The fresh incident of Zulqarnain brings more troubles to Pakistan Cricket Board which is already on the run to escape the ultimatum given by the International Cricket Council wash out the corruption spots on the  Cricket.


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