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19 November 2019

When the old man escapes the death. Unforgettable!

When the old man escapes the death. Unforgettable!

“Where are you from? Why have you come [to this region]?” a terrorist asks an old white-short-bearded man.

 “From Islamabad, I have come to see my daughter [the dear one] the octogenarian says. His body is shaking and his face is pale in fear. One hook-nosed terrorist holds Baba’s hand, another rolls his shirt up to check any signs or bruises on his torso — one of the techniques to identify a Shia belief.  

 The terrorist does not find anything on his back. Baba is then tested for his Islamic knowledge.

“La Illaha Illa Allahoo, Muhammad Ur Rasool Ullah’’,  Baba manages to recite the Kalma. His voice looks hitched and his breath hardly stands by him. The old man, dampened in sweat, pauses for his destiny.    

 “Ho Giya, Hogiya Baba [That’s it, gentleman]”, the terrorist affirms his passing marks and grants him his dear life.

“Ra ra ra ra rattle’’ a Kalashnikov echoes the gorge of Chilas. Someone gets the test failed. He is gone! He gets the eternal peace. The camera moves out of Baba’s face toward the nearby government owned buses which are burning like a hell.

Over the boulders up across the buses, there is a barricade of gunmen lined up over a distance of at least 1Km. They are watching down the road at the slaughter-field where the licensed Muslims are busy in chopping the heads and spraying their fellow Muslims with bullets— they believe they are infidels.

A black smoke covers the space as if hiding the blood from the Heavens.  “Allaho Akber, down with the Shia infidels’’, a terrorist chants, his hand in the air and his arms wide open for the slogan of hatred.

A woman is seen fumbling and dragging herself through the stones. She has been granted the life perhaps. But she looks completely divested of her senses and energy— out of fear in the brazen act of violence.

A complete chaos! A ruthless operation is underway in a video published on YouTube. The video is of the Chilas Bus attack in which 15 people were dead and 45 were left wounded in the month of April 


The 1:29 seconds long video has been categorized as age restricted and it is extremely disturbing. The video has been published on Youtube on June 22, 2012

Dardistan Times Monitoring
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YouTube snippet © 2012