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22 February 2020

Al-Jehad Trust vs Federation of Pakistan

This is a verdict given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan directing the Federation of Pakistan to accord the people of Pakistan their legal, constitutional and democratic rights. It is a detail judgement on a petition filed by Al-Jehad Trust and 9 other petitioners.

"..It is, therefore respectfully prayed that the Fundamental Rights under the constitution of Pakistan Article 184(3) be enforced keeping view the declaration of Human Rights, the constitutional status of the people of Northern Areas be declared and being citizen of Pakistan be given full participation in the Federation of Pakistan. The litigant public is given the right to appeal, review revision before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Provincial Government status be given.” The petition was filed because the people of Northern Areas considered themselves Pakistanis. Their only link to the State of Jammu and Kashmir is the forceful subjugation of the area by the Dogra ruler of Kashmir. "