CHITRAL:  General Officer Commanding (GOC), Major General Syed Javed Bukhari visited  Kalash valley here in Chitral. Despite a bad weather conditions, the GOC arrived here in a military helicopter. The purpose of his visit was to provide a sense of safety and protection to the people of Kalash Valley. He met elders of Kalash and Muslim communities and assured them of protection and safety. Local people expressed their concerns and fear, amid threats from Taliban who recently had issued a statement asking Kalash people to embrace Islam or face the music. They had also threatened the Ismaili Muslims of Chitral.  Read more about Major General Syed Javed Bukhari meets Kalash Community in Chitral

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani took suo motu notice of the Pakistani Taliban’s threat to Ismailis and the Kalash tribe in the picturesque Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan on Thursday, DawnNews reported.

In a 50-minute long video released on Feb 2 on the TTP media wing's website, the Pakistani Taliban had announced an “armed struggle” against the Kalash and Ismaili Muslims. The narrator warned the Kalash, who are thought to number only 3,500, to convert to Islam or face death.

The Supreme Court moreover issued notices to Attorney General Pakistan and Advocate General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Read more about Supreme Court of Pakistan takes notice of Taliban threat to Ismailis, Kalash tribe

Seminar on women participation held in Chitral

Chitral— A day long seminar on mobilization of maximum participation of women in local government election held at Rural Community Development Program (RCDP) Chitral in collaboration with Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO). Former director information Yousuf Shahzad was chief guest on the occasion while the ceremony was presided over by M.I. Khan Sarhadi advocate former district Zakat Chairman. Engineer Temour Shah Coordinator RCDP briefed the participants about importance of participation of women in local government election and how they can change the system. Read more about Election: Seminar on women participation

Chitrali  delegation meets KPK governor

Chitral-- A delegation of Chitralis called on governor Khyber Pahtunkhwa(KPK), Engineer Shaukatullah Khan, at KPK House, Islamabad. The delegation discussed various issues with the governor that the people of Chitral face. They appealed the governor to expedite Broghul- Torkhho road construction. The delegation also requested the governor to get authorities worked on the maintenance of roads in Kalash Valleys including Bumborate, Rumbor and Biriir. Since the flash-flood damage in summer, the roads are closed for heavy traffic. Read more about Chitrali Delegation calls on KPK Governor

Protest against corruption in Booni, Chitral

Chitral— Residents of Booni arranged a sit-in protest against embezzlement of millions of rupees in Communication and Works Department (C &W), Irrigation, Public Health Engineering and Sarhad Hydro Development Organization (SHYDO).

Addressing to protest sit-in, speakers expressed their concern about misappropriation of millions of rupees by public departments. They said that, in documents, C&W department has shown Mastuj and Torkho road as being blacktop. In reality, the road still remains dilapidated with several ditches all along. Read more about Residents of Booni protest against corruption


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