Zong 3G & 4G

Islamabad – 29th April, 2014: In a bid to honor its esteemed subscribers, ZonG, Pakistan’s fastest growing telecom network has achieved yet another milestone. The company recently won the much anticipated Spectrum Auction for Next Generation Mobile Services to become the only 3G & 4G operator in Pakistan. Thriving on this success the company will soon offer a complete new array of first of its kind services to its distinguished customers. Read more about ZonG Wins the Most Coveted 3G & 4G Licenses

Samsung Flexible Phone

SEOUL — Samsung said Wednesday it would unveil a smartphone with a curved display in October -- a technological innovation aimed at maintaining its lead in a lucrative but increasingly saturated market.

Curved displays are at a nascent stage in display technology which is shifting towards flexible panels that are bendable or can even be rolled or folded.
"We will introduce a smartphone with a curved display in October," Samsung mobile business head of strategic marketing D.J. Lee told reporters.
He declined to give more details. Read more about Samsung says to unveil smartphone with curved display

There is no doubt that Amazon’s kindle has revolutionized the way we read.  But there are other e-readers providing options when you think to buy a device to read your documents, files or books. So, why Kindle. Here are some reasons behind why Amazon’s kindle stands out in the pile of e-readers. Read more about Why Amazon’s Kindle is the #1 ebook reader?

Eric Brown pondered what information technology would look like in a new organization built from scratch, today. “What if you could build your organization from scratch.  No legacy systems.  No sacred cows. What would the IT group look like?”

Eric, a technology consultant, looks at a hypothetical services company with 500 employees, with a customer base across North America.

Eric would take either of two approaches to handling IT. The first is  to outsource everything to service providers, presumably including cloud services. “I do think a company could easily outsource most of their IT infrastructure…if not all of it,” he says. Read more about Is IT losing its relevance?

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