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18 February 2020

Constitutional Status for GB: Reality and Myths

Brigadier(r) Hissam Ullah Baig
Brigadier(r) Hissam Ullah Baig
The writer is retired Brigadier from Pakistan Army and active social worker, hailing from Gilgti Baltistan

Not downplaying the importance and the emotional appeal I look at this issue as follows: There would be a member from each of the districts in the national assembly and a maximum of two members in the senate.

If we go by the practices of successive political governments, each of these representatives will be allocated  budget in the range of 10-20 million. Compare this with the regular allocations/special packages that GB has recieved from the central government with the special status for the past so many years with the per capita figures for each citizen enjoying the constitutional status under provincial governments in KPK, Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan.

Commensurate impact of the allocated resources on each citizen depends on the mechanism as well as CHARACTER of the individuals made responsible for delivery. This is precisely the reason that I am advocating integration of "CIVIL SOCIETY" IN THE DELIVERY CHAIN RATHER THAN HARPING ON THE EMOTIONAL SLOGANS APPEALING TO A LARGE MAJORITY. I am no less a nationalist than those claiming with loud voices and enjoying sympathetic coverage in the corridors and press of the WORLD POWERS. As for the other opportunities of a constititionally covered citizen in areas of human endeavor such as seats /scholarships in professional institutions, civil service, commerce, industry, service in the armed forces etc. I do not see any discrimination or lack of opportunity for the citizens of GB throughout the country. So do not be aroused and carried away to the extent that you become a NUISANCE to the country and our sympathetic neighbor who wants to use KKH for its economy and ENERGY CORRIDOR.