Of Peace and Beauty

Those of us — which means almost everyone — who have never seen the valley of Kashmir but only heard of its fabled beauty, will be surprised to find “Little Kashmir”, as the English referred to it, right here in the peaceful Ghizer district of Gilgit. Read more about Of Peace and Beauty

Revolutionizing High Definition Telemedicine with Satellite offering

Imagine a rural town in mountainous Skardu in Northern Pakistan nearly 30 hours drive away from the capital Islamabad. If an elderly relative living in that remote town perceives signs of a stroke, his family would likely rush him to a nearby district hospital. Read more about Revolutionizing High Definition Telemedicine with Satellite offering


Child Rights Dilemma

Statelessness is the chapter of international law addressing the issues of individual legal status of citizenship and right of citizens.  However, recent violence and temporal punishment endured by children working at homes of highly educated and the so called civilized people, force me to consider those kids as stateless children as if they are owned by state they won’t be treated like beast of burden and they won’t be treated in a manner they way humans were treated in the era of slavery. Read more about Child Rights Dilemma


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Those of us — which means almost...
Statelessness is the chapter of...
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