Society Develops When We Treat Both Men and Women Equally

Female is the second pair of wheels of the vehicle which carries the society forward on the road towards progress and development with a pace fast enough to develop the society as per demand of the time. A defected pair very often causes accidents which sometimes proved to be fatal. So, in order to push the society forward, we need to make sure that both the pairs of the wheels are in the sound condition.


Changeover in GB

THE government in Gilgit-Baltistan is completing its five-year term tomorrow. The Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self-governance Order 2009 provided a limited chance to the locals to govern their region for the first time. Following the first elections held after this presidential order, the PPP won most of the seats and became the single largest party in the legislative assembly. Read more about Changeover in GB


Of Peace and Beauty

Those of us — which means almost everyone — who have never seen the valley of Kashmir but only heard of its fabled beauty, will be surprised to find “Little Kashmir”, as the English referred to it, right here in the peaceful Ghizer district of Gilgit. Read more about Of Peace and Beauty

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THE government in Gilgit-Baltistan is...
Those of us — which means almost...
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