Ethics of generosity

GIVING of one’s charitable feelings to the needy has been an integral part of human society since time immemorial. This tradition is now being extended beyond the personal level to institutional, societal and state levels.

The magnitude of giving has also multiplied. The best part is that giving is no longer limited to one’s community, religion or city.

When a natural or man-made disaster befalls a community or society, people and states in many parts of the world come forward to donate, in cash and kind, to the affected people. Read more about Ethics of generosity


GB: Changing Views

NATIONALISM and its various causes has been a subject of much debate among academic circles. One theory is that nationalism is often exploited by elites or the leadership of centralised states or the elites of non-dominant groups to mobilise the masses to either defend or achieve their larger interests. Read more about GB: Changing Views


Takayasu Arteritis and Quality of Life

Takayasu Arteritis is autoimmune vacuities of large arteritis like aorta and its branches. According to the (Takeshi Kuroda · Mitsuhiro Ueno · Hiroe Sato ·2006) Takayasu is inflation of unknown cause which affects the large arteries. If killing of one person is killing of human being than every time when health care professionals make mistakes or with their ignorant behavior they take away a lot of lives. This they do because they are been taught in a way that no civilized nation would allow this to happen with their people. This is fact which happens in every profession. Read more about Takayasu Arteritis and Quality of Life


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GIVING of one’s charitable feelings to...
NATIONALISM and its various causes has...
 Takayasu Arteritis is autoimmune...
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