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18 February 2020

Social Media Summit (#SMS 14) to be held in Islamabad

Experts, speakers and social media gurus will take part in the Social Media Summit (#SMS14) that is being held on March 29-30 in Islamabad under the aegis of the Progressive Youth Forum (PYF) and the Pakistan –US Alumni Network (PUAN). Around 300 participants are said to have registered themselves for the Summit and dozens of anchors and media persons have been invited.

For the last couple of years, social media has played a very vital role in identifying and raising various issues confronted by the people and it is as evident as the day-light that social media activism has altered the shape of the society to a larger extent. A statement shared by the organizers of the said summit reads “Whenever injustice takes place in any part of the country, our social media activists come in action by raising the issue. But there’s still a huge gap between intent and action, and it will take several years for the social media scene in Pakistan to mature enough to have a tangible effect on governance and policy. Still, learning, observing and experimenting without fear is the most intelligent approach to understanding what the social media can and can’t do for us.”

According to the program schedule, the Summit will start in the Saturday evening and last for Sunday night. Different sessions like Social Media for Youth Activism, Social Media for Peace Promotion, Social Media for Women’s Empowerment, Social Media for Social Entrepreneurship, Social Media and the Changing Landscape of Journalism, The Power of Digital Story-telling and many more are said be conducted in the Summit. Keynote speeches and the talks by the media-person and columnists like Wusatuallah Khan, Muhammad Ziauddin, Moeed Pirzada, Raza Rumi, Adnan Rehmat, Sidra Iqbal, Faisal Kapadia and other relevant persons are also scheduled and different youth related activities will also take place in the summit.

Abdullah Dayo, who is the brain behind the idea of this Social Media Summit, is optimistic that this summit will discuss the ways that can help the social media to bring social change in Pakistan. He believes that social media has an immense power to create a society that witnesses justice, peace and economic stability. Abdullah Dayo is one of the founding members of the Progressive Youth Forum (PYF) that provides a platform for the youth to play their role for the regional peace and creating a social democratic and peaceful Pakistan.

Naveed Hussain has contributed this story from Islamabad.
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