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26 February 2020

Pakistan K2 expedition reaches Base Camp



Since the snowfall has stopped temporarily on Monday morning, all the eight high altitude porters turned Pakistani mountaineers are proceeding to Advance Base Camp.


Earlier, on Sunday morning these Pakistani mountaineers expedition started shifting necessary goods, equipment and food to the Advance Base Camp of the K2 Mountain before the heavy snowfall began. The expedition endorsed and supported by the Gilgit-Baltistan government reached K2 Base Camp at 5,000 meters Saturday evening after a long journey of eight days by foot. This was revealed by Munir Ahmed, the focal person of the expedition and the communication consultant Ev-K2-CNR, while talking to ‘The News’ here on Monday.


As many as eight mountaineers from Gilgit-Baltistan have been sponsored by the Italian organisation Ev-K2-CNR to mark the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of K2 by an Italian expedition on July 31, 1954.


The spokesperson said that the team leader of the Pakistan K2 Expedition Summer 2014, Muhammad Taqi while speaking to Islamabad office on satellite phone said, “All members are in good health and spirit, and they looking forward to favourable weather to start climbing. We request the nation to pray for our success.” Hassan Jan, the climbers’ lead, in his conversation with Munir Ahmed said, “We will be using Abruzzi Spur for our climb. I along with six porters have shifted some of the goods to the Advance Base Camp of the K2. The weather was fine in the early morning but snowfall started in the late hours, and we had to stop the shifting of goods.” The Italian technical expert, mountaineer Maurizio Gallo who is also overseeing the operations of the expedition, hoped that it would take another two or three days to complete the spell of the snowfall.


The mountaineering expedition is supported by the Govt of Gilgit Baltistan and has been organised by the Pakistani team that last year successfully climbed the Broad Peak. In the last 60 years different single Pakistani climbers reached K2 summit, but never a totally Pakistani team attempt the most famous mountain of the country.


The team leader is Muhammad Taqi, skilled alpinist that was leader also at the Broad Peak, with him Hassan Jan (climber leader), Muhammad Sadiq, Ghulam Mehdi, Ali Durani, Ali, Muhammad Hassan, Rehmat Ullah Baig. At the base camp, for the scientific mission will be present Ev-K2-CNR researchers, and also a documentary-maker, Daniele Nardi, who will report the entire expedition.


Agostino Da Polenza, president Ev-K2-CNR who reached K2 Summit from north side in 1983, and has been the team leader of three expedition on K2, met the G-B mountaineers that last year at the Broad Peak Base Camp. He says, “Receiving my compliments the Pakistani mountaineer told me their dream to climb K2 and asked for help. I was glad to help them. So here we are, the expedition has reached the Base Camp and are proceeding towards Advance Base Camp, and I hope that all Pakistani mountaineers will soon reach the summit.


Our technical team experts, Maurizio Gallo, Michele Cuccchi, and Simone Origone are there to guide and help the Pakistani mountaineers.”


Agostino said, “This will also a project useful to promote the Central Karakoram National Park, with its new Management plan on which Ev-K2-CNR also worked during this last 5 years very hard together with the Karakoram International University, and the Gilgit Baltistan government.

Courtesy: Afshan S Khan, the News international