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23 August 2019

25 Pakistani Students leave for America under SUSI-2014

Islamabad: 25 Pakistani students left for America under the Study of the United States Institutes (SUSI) program-2014 for Pakistan on Friday Morning.

This group of the most active and brilliant students from their respective universities and regions would be representing their country in the US and spend four weeks at University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the remaining two weeks in study tour to different states around.   They will be joined by an equal number of the American students at campus where they will have different classes on Public Policy and Democracy etc. coupled with participation in cultural and community activities.

The group comprises of 5 students from Karachi (Sindh), 3 from Quetta, 6 from Punjab, 5 from KPK and 6 from ICT, GB and AJK. Syed Nazakat, a student from GB said that he was very happy to go to the US with his fellows and he would come back with new ideas to work in the community. Daniyal Hussain from Islamabad was hopeful to have a very exciting learning experience during his stay in the US. For Habib Hassan, visiting the best universities of the world Harvard and MIT would be the best thing.


“This program (SUSI) is very unique and I am hopeful that this energetic group of youth of Pakistan will gain a lot from their experience in the States” said Gulshan, an officer at the US Embassy.

Dany Halloran, the Team Lead (a senior mentor) at UMass while waiting for a warm welcome to the arriving students said “We can’t wait more for them to arrive; I am showing the group photo to all associated with the program.”

Around 100 Pakistani students have visited the US under this program since its inception.

Naveed Hussain has contributed this story from Islamabad.
Photo Credits: 
Kashif Ali Khan