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26 February 2020

76 young professionals ready to go the US through CCI 2014

ISLAMABAD: Seventy-six (76) young professionals gathered at a local hotel on Saturday for their pre-departure orientation for a year of study at the United States community colleges.This is the eighth group of Pakistani students to study in the US under the US government-funded Community Colleges Initiative Programme (CCIP). The programme is administered by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). Addressing the ceremony, US Embassy Country Cultural Affairs officer Robert Raines said, “Going to the US on this programme would be a life-changing opportunity.” He said that after studying in the US colleges and completing internships in their fields, community college initiative students come back to Pakistan with new skills and knowledge to help their communities. “So far, 248 Pakistanis have participated in the CCIP and had the opportunity to show everyday Americans the true face of Pakistan,” he added.The programme is a one-year, non-degree scholarship programme that provides opportunities for the Pakistani young professionals to develop leadership, professional skills, and English language proficiency, while studying at a community college in the US. Participants during their stay in the US would study agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, media, early childhood education or tourism, and hospitality management. The US Embassy in Pakistan administers the largest educational and cultural programmes of any US Embassy in the world.Around 9,000 Pakistanis have participated in fully-funded academic or professional development programmes in the US. Five thousand Pakistani youths are currently enrolled in US government-funded English language programmes in Pakistan. These programmes manifest the sincere interest of the US to build partnership with the people of Pakistan. 

Courtesy: Daily Times, Pakistan
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