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21 February 2020

Why Intercontinental Hotel Group sends Pakistani girl on an amazing honeymoon trip to Europe

A Pakistani girl’s sad honeymoon photos, taken in Europe, went viral on social media when she decided to go on her honeymoon trip without her husband after his visa was denied. The special thing about her photos was her sad face and her air-hugging arms, indicating that her husband was missing in the pictures. That was the story of last year.

Huma Mobin, a creative manager at an ad agency in Lahore, says she has finally managed to take the romantic dream European trip with her husband—that, too, sponsored by a multinational chain of hotels.

The couple was supposed to go to Greece for their second honeymoon in June, but unfortunately Arsalaan Sever wasn’t granted a visa in time for the trip.

Huma initially refused to go without her husband but, since the trip was already paid for, ended up going with her in-laws.

"I cried the first night on my mother-in-law's shoulder, but she told me to make the best of it," Huma told BuzzFeed.

So Huma stuck to the plan by visiting all the places she was supposed to with her husband, and took a bunch of adorably tragicomic photos to show just how much she missed him in every single one of them.

Huma told the BBC World Service programme Outside Source: "Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we're missing [each other]."

Unsurprisingly, the photos went viral, with the couple being featured in stories on multiple online news publications.

That was last summer. Almost a year later, the pair now have managed to go on their dream honeymoon around Europe together.

"FINALLY A HONEYMOON WITH MY HONEY!!! Arsalaan and I have been sponsored by Intercontinental Hotel Group for a well-deserved honeymoon in Europe! This time HIS VISA CAME THROUGH!!!" Huma said in a post on her Facebook page.

The couple now have planned elaborate adventures through Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon and Rome.

Huma promises to post photos along the way. You can catch glimpses of their travels on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

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