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28 February 2020

Two Day District Level Festival by Hashoo Foundation Allures the Gupis Valley, Ghizer

 Two days' local event titled “Two-Day District Level Festival Gupis, Ghizer on October 3rd and 4th 2015” filled the atmosphere of Ghizer valley with flavors of indigenous culture, which is one of 19 festivals planned to be held in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). It is series of the festival those are going to be held in District Ghizer by Hashoo Foundation in partnership with the Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), its endeavors to revive the indigenous culture to empower traditional musicians, local artisans, singers, poets, culinary arts and create social harmony.

The festival had all cultural recipes one would love to see, which includes, traditional dance, Shina and Khower songs, folk comedy and folk drama, traditional food stalls, woman honey business groups stalls and culinary arts stalls. The first day event was attended by more than 1200 spectators from all over Ghizer, mostly families participation in the program was spectacular i.e. “traditional famous event Gurolum”, traditional ritual of “Tao” and Payalo Bazam (Party of Sheppard’s) and folk dance of the senior citizens, traditional food stalls and stalls of the culinary arts.

The second-day event was well attended by more than 600 spectators from all over Ghizer. The items of the festival were cultural dances, musical shows, traditional dances, traditional games, stage performances, cultural dress show, local dances, folk skits and dramas and prizes distribution ceremony. The traditional culinary stalls, traditional embroideries and locally made instruments stalls were overwhelmingly appreciated by the crowd. Besides, traditional music performers from Ghizer, musicians and singers from Gilgit also participated. The efforts of Hashoo Foundation, Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), Gupis Arts and Culture Council and Local Support Organization (LSO) were well appreciated by people and Chief Gust, Mr. Fida Khan Fida (Provincial Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Development), GB. He said that such remarkable efforts in culturally enriched regions like Ghizer would definitely help in cultural promotion. “We GBLA members will support Hashoo Foundation in the implementation of the events”, he added.

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