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27 February 2020

Fear Spreads in City after Zaidi’s Fatel Murder

Gilgit-- Tensions mount in Gilgit after the fatal assassination of Dupty Speaker, Asad Zaidi.  Important political figures, local leaders and high government officials have limited their movement fearing of the target killings. Attendance in the offices is slowing down and public is reluctant to move freely in the city. The security forces have confined themselves only to the small check posts set at different places of the city. It stirs concerns among the masses that despite a a large amount of security forces in the city, brutal murders of the leaders in Gilgit Baltistan happen time and again but none of the perpetrators has been brought to justice so for. The security forces in the city  tend to be tough only with the poor and innocent citizens who already live in a state of deprivation, disfranchised passing through identity crises for almost half a century.

The officials have the wide spread pakistani rhetoric that there is a foreign hand in the incident.” There is a foreign hand in the incident and of course, some of our own people are being used” says Skindar Ali, advisor information  NALA.It makes the case easy for the official as foreign hand usually remains unseen and undetectable for decades. The double- sided  purpose of the rhetoric is to deepen the fear in the region and to vanish the thoughts of brutality from the minds.

It is a known fact that the sectarian tensions historically have been fueled in the region for political motives. Ordinary citizens have a consensus and efforts to mitigate the sectarian violence in the region.