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18 February 2020

Ban on youtube should be lifted imediately

Rutaba Muneer Karachi
The writer is a citizen of Pakistan, based in Karachi

Dear Editor,

With reference to your esteemed newspaper I'd like to bring the attention of the concerned authorities to the problem of You Tube ban in Pakistan for more than an year. YouTube had been blocked in Pakistan since 27th September, 2012. It is a video sharing website, where people can upload movie clips, TV clips, music videos, original videos and educational videos.

There are many religious and educational material on the website which cannot be accessed by the public. People now in Pakistan are being frustrated and finding ways like proxy to get access of the site. There really isn't any point in banning YouTube as people are already getting access to the website (however, with trouble). As a nation we are already far behind in terms of literacy. Turning a blind eye to the rest of the world and pretending that bad things don't exist won't make them go away.

We can't wish away bad things being said about Muslims or Pakistanis. Every culture, religious group, country has/have been the point of ridicule at some point, but to rise above these things we need to prove to the world that we are better. We can only accomplish this by increasing out literacy rate and have more accomplished people stand up from our country and earn a good name for Pakistan.

The solution to this is to work with YouTube and block access to certain material within the region only or not to block the entire website but trust people that they are mature enough to restrain from viewing such videos for which the website has been blocked. YouTube has become world’s digital library and we cannot ban all libraries just because one person has written an offensive book. The website has unnecessarily been banned in the country and we want the authorities to unblock it as soon as possible.


Rutaba Muneer Karachi