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18 February 2020

Public Servants or the Masters?

Muhammad Zaheer Abbas
The Writer is student of International Islamic University

Many ambitious graduates in Pakistan aspire to become CSP officers because of the facilities and the prestige a bureaucrat enjoys in this country. Civil Services should be a responsive institution, but in Pakistan, civil servants are mostly unresponsive and lack spirit of public service.

One of the reasons for this attitude of governing instead of serving may be because of the fact that Pakistan inherited its civil service structure from the British. Our colonial masters had designed civil services to serve their purpose, and not to serve the locals.

Pakistan has retained the inherited civil service structure instead of reforming it. Present system is producing officers with elitist mindset; they not only keep distance with the ordinary people but also humiliate the general public.

Training programs of civil servants must be geared towards inculcating in them the qualities of humility which they lack.