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18 February 2020

PIA Crash: 6 members of the same family were laid to rest in Garamchishma

CHITRAL:  six members of the same family who lost their lives in the unfortunate PIA crash in Havelian on Dec 7, were laid to rest today in Garamchishma. 20 people were from Chitral among those who lost their lives in the fatal plane crash.

The bodies of the family were taken to Chitral via C-130 of Pakistan Air Force.  In the plane crash Mirza Gul, his wife Gul Horan, Zahida Parveen, Sameena  Bibi, Hassan  Ali and Farhan had died .

Only one member of the family, Haseena Gul,14, who did not travel with the family due to her exams, has survived. Haseena is in trauma and currently under treatment.

Ms. Tabassum A.Qadir, Director Customer Care & Premier of PIA also visited house of the bereaved family. She assured that a compensation cheque will be handed over to the guardians of the girl. Local community discussed the situation of Haseena Gul with the PIA officials and it was agreed that the care and custody of the innocent girl will be through a court judgment. Haseena does not have any idea what is going on a with her life.

6 graves, in a line, were prepared for this unfortunate family. A large number of people attended their funeral prayer and they were laid to rest at Eiz village of Garamchishma

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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