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23 February 2020

New-born baby stolen from Chitral hospital by two women recovered

Chitral police recovered a new-born baby from two women who stole him from the hospital bed. Police has arrested the kidnappers and sent the women to jail on judicial remand.

According to Nasir Ali, the SHO of Chitral police station, Hazrat Uddin, the father of the new-born baby decided to stay overnight at a local hotel while leaving his aunt in the hospital to take care of the mother and the baby. As per the police, early in the morning when the father returned to the hospital, the baby was no-where to be found.

The family reported the incident to the police immediately and search for the baby was initiated. On the indication of a suspect, Ms. Hamida, police arrived at Shah Dini village where they found that the baby was in the possession of Hamida’s daughter, Siddra. Police recovered the baby and took him into custody. Nasir Ali told that police has charged both women and they were presented before a local court under PPC 34, section 363/364 of Penal code of Pakistan. Later they were sent to Chitral Jail on judicial remand.

This is the first ever incident of its nature in the nature and it has stirred concerns regarding safety in hospital. 

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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