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27 February 2020

Protesters in Islamabad demand Judicial probe into GB girls’ exploitation scandal

GB People protesting against the young girls expplaitations

Students, human rights activists and people from different walks of life, gathered at National Press Club Islamabad, demanding formation of a judicial commission to probe the alleged ‘exploitation’ of young girls from Gilgit Baltistan.

Syed Haider Abbas Kazmi, in his speech, questioned as to why is the government of Gilgit Baltistan still asleep — even after allegations that bureaucrats and members of GBLA are actively involved in ‘human and sex trafficking’.

On November 28, Daily Times published a report in which the English daily claimed to ‘unearth’ a gang of characters supplying young girls from underprivileged families from Gilgit Baltistan to ‘big shots’, including business tycoons and politicians. Girls are claimed to be transported to urban pockets with false promises of scholarships, employment and other career opportunities. The publication claimed that the story was unearthed by police after following trails of a 14-year girl’s abduction from G-10/3 sector in Islamabad.

The protesters, in Islamabad, were concerned that the report was detrimental to the image of the region. After the report, had been published, the Gilgit-Baltistan Government announced to establish a committee comprised of five GBLA members, both from government and opposition benches, but so far, no outcomes could be seen other than media statements.

The protestors chanted slogans for the fair investigation of the scandal and said that the scope of the protests will be extended to other parts of the country as well as Gilgit-Baltistan if the GB Government takes the issue lightly.

Following the protests in Islamabad, the Baltistan Youth Alliance and Civil Society in Skardu, has called for protests at Yadgar-e-Shuda on Sunday 12 December.

Muhammad Irafn has contributed to this story from Islamabad, Pakistan
Photo Credits: 
Muhammad Iran, Islamabad