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23 February 2020

Revolt in Gilgit, Hindu Officials arrested

London, Nov. 01.—a report from Peshawar states that Gilgit Province, North Kashmir, has revolted against the Maharajah's Government and all Hindu officials have been imprisoned, says Reuter's New Delhi correspondent. 

The report adds that an Indian brigadier, who distinguished himself when fighting the Japanese, will take command of the Indian troops in Kashmir within 24 hours.

Source: The Kalgoorlie Miner, Monday, November 3, 1947

Accede To Pakistan

The Reuters representative says that an official notice forbids visits to the strategic frontier province of Gilgit— North Kashmir— which was reported to be in revolt last week.

The Srinagar correspondent of the New Delhi newspaper, "Statesman." reports that a group of predominantly Moslem states forming most of northern Kashmir have  acceded to Pakistan.

The states concerned, who expelled the forces of the Maharajah of Kashmir (Sir Hari Singh), are Chitral, Hunza Yasin and Nagar.

They lie between the Pamir and Karakoram Mountains bordering Afghanistan. Russia and China.

Forces from Hunza Yasin and Nagir assisted- in a rising of Chitral Moslems. The report adds that Kashmir forces are beleaguered and that help cannot roach them until next summer at the earliest.

Source: The Telegraph, Brisban, Saturday, November 8, 1947